Road of the legend

Ninja Legend
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Ninja Legend consists of unique boss system that will amaze you stage by stage.
There are massive waves of enemies interfering you, some especially can swiftly ambush you in your way from any sides of the road, so be aware.

At the end of each stage, there normally lives a powerful boss who is fabulously more skillful and possesses higher damage than most of the ninja enemies you ever met, and that will be the real challenge for you. In reward for defeating bosses, you can get more coin and diamonds dropped and use those to purchase higher quality weapons and items.

The more enemies you defeat, the more power and experiences you will gain to proceed to higher levels, with much more types of great weapons available in Shop which grants you greater stats.


- Shop: where you can buy various types of weapons and items
- Battle: stage by stage, with many enemies awaiting and unique boss for each stage
- Weapon: numerous kinds of shurikens, kunais, bombs that are all upgradable
- Support item: will support you in battle such as hp restoring item or revival stone
- Facebook: when you get to higher level and possess more powerful weapons, it worths to save your data just in case you lose your phone or accidentally clear game data. Facebook connecting allows you to share your high score as well as to invite your friends just by a simple tap and receive more rewards.
Also note that internet connection is recommended, but is also optional. You can play and save data offline. However transaction features will be disable.